In California, there’s a football season happening in the central part of the state in 2023. Fans who love football are eager to know which teams are doing really well. MaxPreps released CA Northern Section Football Rankings 2023. This article will give you a big picture of the CA Northern Section Football Rankings for 2023. It will show you which teams are at the top, which games are important, and what you should keep an eye on as the season continues.

History of Northern Section Football

The California Northern Section (NCS) is one of the oldest and most successful high school football conferences in the state. The section was founded in 1916, and the first NCS football championship was held in 1917.

Over time, the NCS has played a big role in helping lots of really good teams and players become even better. Some of the most successful teams in NCS history include Del Norte (Crescent City), Shasta (Redding), and Yreka (Yreka). Del Norte has won a record 10 NCS championships, while Shasta and Yreka have each won 5.

Individually, some of the most notable NCS football players include Joe Kapp (Del Norte), John Carney (Red Bluff), and Ken Stabler (Gridley). Kapp earned the title of All-American twice during his college years at Washington, and he later continued his football career in the NFL. Carney had the honor of winning the Super Bowl two times as a member of the New York Giants. Stabler, on the other hand, was recognized as a Pro Bowler on two occasions and eventually became a cherished member of the NFL Hall of Fame.

NCS football playoffs happen during the autumn season, and the big championship game takes place at the Golden Gate Fields racetrack in Albany. Many NCS players have gone on to play at big universities like Stanford, Cal, and UCLA. It’s pretty likely that we’ll see many more talented stars coming from this section in the future.

SchoolOverall RecordRatingStrength
1. Pleasant Valley (Chico)2-08.30-19.8
2. Chico2-03.30-14.9
3. Enterprise (Redding)2-0-0.10-18.6
4. Orland1-1-1.00-10.5
5. Foothill (Palo Cedro)0-2-4.8014.3
6. East Nicolaus (Nicolaus)1-1-7.80-1.6
7. Fall River (McArthur)1-0-12.70-34.7
8. Shasta (Redding)2-0-12.70-37.2
9. Colusa2-0-16.10-46.8
10. University Prep (Redding)1-1-18.00-23.6
11. Hamilton (Hamilton City)2-0-19.80-44.2
12. Winters1-1-20.60-21.7
13. West Valley (Cottonwood)0-1-20.60-1.1
14. Portola2-0-21.70-65.1
15. Pierce (Arbuckle)1-1-22.90-19.7
16. Red Bluff1-0-32.60-33.9
17. Lassen (Susanville)0-2-33.80-22.7
18. Las Plumas (Oroville)0-1-35.90-0.2
19. Willows1-0-36.40-44.3
20. Corning0-2-37.30-4.8
21. Paradise1-1-40.40-28.6
22. Biggs1-0-40.60-56.6
23. Williams1-1-44.20-42.4
24. Durham0-2-44.20-40.4
25. Weed1-0-44.90-64.4
26. Los Molinos2-0-45.90-75.8
27. Yreka1-1-46.00-45.2
28. Gridley0-1-46.30-30.7
29. Anderson1-1-47.30-37.7
30. Maxwell1-1-47.30-47.1
31. Central Valley (Shasta Lake)2-0-49.30-68.5
32. Live Oak1-0-51.70-83.2
33. Redding Christian (Palo Cedro)1-1-56.50-54.5
34. Quincy1-1-59.10-61.4
35. Trinity (Weaverville)1-2-64.30-54.9
36. Etna0-2-70.30-61.3
37. Mt. Shasta0-2-72.40-47.7
38. Modoc (Alturas)0-2-74.10-46.8
39. Oroville0-2-83.10-54.0
Source: MaxPreps

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