CA Los Angeles City Section Football Rankings: Who’s Top? Maxprep’s released the CA Los Angeles City Section Football Rankings 2023.

The California Los Angeles City Section is one of the most competitive high school football conferences in the country. The 2023 rankings are led by Birmingham Charter, who are coming off a 12-2 season. Other top teams include Garfield, Carson, and Cleveland. The season is still young, so the rankings are sure to change, but these are the teams to watch in the City Section this year.

The rankings are updated throughout the season as teams play more games. The top two teams in the City Section at the end of the regular season will compete in the City Section Championship Game

CA Los Angeles City Section Football Rankings 2023 All Class

SchoolOverall RecordRatingStrength
1. Birmingham (Lake Balboa)2-18.90-3.2
2. Garfield (Los Angeles)2-12.90-11.2
3. Carson3-02.60-26.5
4. Granada Hills Charter (Granada Hills)1-1-1-4.20-4.7
5. Palisades (Pacific Palisades)2-1-4.70-17.2
6. Banning (Wilmington)2-1-5.20-23.9
7. San Pedro1-1-6.60-22.8
8. Dymally (Los Angeles)3-0-8.50-27.8
9. Venice (Los Angeles)1-1-9.50-16.3
10. Franklin (Los Angeles)1-1-1-15.50-11.1
11. Narbonne (Harbor City)1-2-16.50-13.1
12. Roosevelt (Los Angeles)1-2-17.40-7.0
13. Cleveland (Reseda)3-0-18.10-56.0
14. Gardena3-0-18.30-41.7
15. Kennedy (Granada Hills)2-1-24.60-32.4
16. Crenshaw (Los Angeles)2-1-24.70-34.1
17. Fairfax (Los Angeles)3-0-29.10-60.1
18. El Camino Real (Woodland Hills)1-2-29.60-18.7
19. Dorsey (Los Angeles)0-2-29.6010.3
20. Santee (Los Angeles)2-0-30.80-54.2
21. Torres (Los Angeles)0-0-32.700.0
22. Eagle Rock (Los Angeles)1-1-32.80-31.8
23. King/Drew (Los Angeles)0-3-33.00-1.4
24. Legacy (South Gate)3-0-33.80-56.2
25. Panorama (Panorama City)3-0-36.60-75.9
26. Taft (Woodland Hills)1-2-38.10-26.7
27. Sylmar2-1-38.70-48.7
28. Marquez (Huntington Park)2-1-38.80-46.4
29. Arleta2-1-39.00-47.9
30. Lincoln (Los Angeles)1-2-39.40-35.4
31. Westchester (Los Angeles)1-2-39.40-34.4
32. North Hollywood1-2-40.90-41.7
33. Chatsworth2-1-41.70-55.5
34. Hamilton (Los Angeles)1-2-44.30-41.2
35. Bell0-3-46.00-18.9
36. San Fernando3-0-49.80-65.5
37. South Gate0-3-50.50-23.4
38. Verdugo Hills (Tujunga)3-0-50.70-73.5
39. Wilson (Los Angeles)2-0-51.00-75.7
40. Sotomayor (Los Angeles)0-3-51.40-50.0
41. Dr. Maya Angelou Community (Los Angeles)3-0-51.40-71.7
42. Huntington Park1-2-53.50-47.7
43. Jefferson (Los Angeles)0-2-54.40-45.9
44. Hollywood (Los Angeles)3-0-56.30-70.6
45. George Washington Prep (Los Angeles)0-2-59.00-24.8
46. Bernstein (Hollywood)2-1-60.30-65.2
47. Los Angeles1-2-60.90-49.0
48. Manual Arts (Los Angeles)1-2-61.10-53.9
49. Canoga Park0-3-63.00-36.4
50. Chavez (San Fernando)1-2-63.10-59.0
51. Marshall (Los Angeles)2-1-63.10-68.5
52. Fremont (Los Angeles)0-2-64.60-43.8
53. Grant (Van Nuys)0-3-64.80-34.0
54. South East (South Gate)1-2-66.00-58.5
55. Monroe (North Hills)0-2-66.10-52.5
56. Jordan (Los Angeles)2-1-67.30-79.0
57. Poly (Sun Valley)0-3-68.30-47.7
58. Roybal (Los Angeles)1-2-68.70-44.4
59. University (Los Angeles)0-2-69.30-52.2
60. Hawkins (Los Angeles)1-2-72.10-61.4
61. Diego Rivera (Los Angeles)1-1-74.50-63.4
62. Locke (Los Angeles)0-3-75.50-36.2
63. Maywood CES (Maywood)0-3-76.00-44.3
64. Reseda0-3-78.20-35.9
65. Rancho Dominguez (Long Beach)0-2-82.80-61.8
66. Van Nuys1-2-84.10-66.0
67. Contreras (Los Angeles)0-3-87.80-64.3
68. View Park (Los Angeles)0-3-88.30-61.7
69. Mendez (Los Angeles)0-3-90.80-66.6
70. West Adams (Los Angeles)0-2-98.10-52.1
71. Belmont (Los Angeles)0-1-101.40-47.4

Source: MaxPreps

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